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Surviving The Great Pause

Surviving The Great Pause

It appears there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our beloved provincial government have begun phase I in reopening the economy with the ease of restrictions to car dealerships, hosptial non elective surgeries divisions, and garden centres for those Canadians with a green thumb.

We are not out of the woods yet, but as we get closer to the end then the beginning of ‘social distancing’ I find myself a tad bit nostalgic to three key women in my life and how they helped me cope through this.

The first is my mother, Dorothy ‘Dodie’ Madonik. She had a hard and fast rule in our household. Once you come in from work, play, or other ‘Wash Your Hands’. As Pandemic Specialists across the world have pointed out, this rule of hygiene appears to be the golden rule of good health and helping to avoid COVID-19. I can’t help but think how we need not only clean hands but a fresh start as we time manage our lives with the use of a tool that we barely used a few weeks ago. That is the magic of online Zoom.

My sister Randi not only was an awesome babysitter, allowing me to badger her into playing soccer in my parents basement (she would often break out into Israeli dances she knew during the game), but she would make me awesome lunches when the folks were out. My favorite was her double french toast with cheese in the middle and topped with a dash of cinnamon (yummy). We all know how important it is to nourish our minds with skills relevant to our business. Have you tried Toastmasters? It not only helps you build interactive personal social skills but gives you oodles of confidence to tackle any interaction with a friend, co worker, or family member anywhere anytime anyhow.

My daughter Morgan majors in sarcasm and insults. Her special nickname for me is ‘Eggy’ based on the oval shape of my head. Despite my concern of her social exposure to the public she has soldiered through working at her nearby supermarket at the checkout. Armed with a mask and paper thin plexiglass as her source of protection, she insists on showing up for work in the ultimate and admirable act of selflessness. I admire her courage and think how important it is for us to come out of our social hibernation being selfless to our clients around us. After all, our friends, family, and colleagues have just come out of the same social experience we have all felt these last couple of months.

Thanks mom, Randi, and Morgan for not only teaching me how to cope, but how to move forward in post pandemic and beyond!

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