Are Investments Right for You?

The type of investment you buy should be based on your needs, so that’s why my team and I work with you to find the best option for you.


There are many forms of investments. Typically, your bank representative or financial advisor will steer you into equities like stocks, mutual funds, and/or Exchange Traded Funds. The issue is high risk. Others will focus on bonds, money market, and GIC’s. Unfortunately, returns are very low.


What if you could have the earning potential of an equity with the low risk of a fixed income? At Blue SWAN Financial, we work with providers that have investment insurance solutions available.

Segregated Funds

A Segregated Fund offers diverse investment opportunities to build wealth. In addition, Segregated Funds provide wealth protection, business, and estate planning solutions.

You May Need Segregated Funds If You Are:

  • Reaching retirement age or already retired
  • Are looking for wealth accumulation but want to limit potential losses with maturity and death guarantees
  • Looking to preserve your legacy and transfer your estate in the most private, timely, and cost effectively
  • A business owner looking for creditor protected succession planning or emergency solution

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    Features of Segregated Funds:

    • The money you invest is guaranteed on maturity and death
    • Some segregated fund policies offer you locked in market gains (resets) that will increase the amount payable upon maturity or death
    • Death Benefit proceeds are paid directly to a named beneficiary instead of your estate-bypassing probate-a public process that is both lengthy and costly
    • By designating a qualified beneficiary, your investments can be exempt from seizure in the event of a bankruptcy or legal proceedings


    An Annuity is a contractual financial product sold by financial institutions that is designed to accept and grow funds from an individual and then, upon annuitization, payout a stream of payments to the individual at a later point in time.The period of time when an annuity is being funded and before payouts begin is referred to as the accumulation phase. Once payments commence, the contract is in the annuitization phase.

    You May Need An Annuity If You Are:

    • Looking for a reliable means of securing a steady cash flow during your retirement years
    • Hoping to alleviate fears of longevity risk or outliving one’s assets
    • Needing a steady cash flow, such as for winners of large cash settlements from a lawsuit or from winning the lottery
    • Wanting a steady allowance for a parent that has a child with a substance abuse problem or mental disability, and wants to ensure their child has a steady stream of income

    Features of an Annuity:

    • Annuities can be structured over a lifetime payout
    • They can be structured to pay out funds for a fixed amount of time
    • Annuities can begin immediately upon deposit of a lump sum, or they can be structured as deferred benefits.
    • Fixed annuities provide regular periodic payments to the annuitant
    • Variable annuities allow the owner to receive greater future cash flows if investments of the annuity fund do well and smaller payments if its investments do poorly
    • Riders and features can be added to annuity contracts examples include adding a death benefit or accelerating payments Cost of living riders are common to adjust the annual base cash flows for inflation based on changes in the CPI.


    One of the biggest hurdles your retirement plan must overcome is taxation – both on investment returns outside your RRSPs and the income you receive in retirement. The Insured Retirement Plan utilizes the features of a tax exempt whole life or universal life insurance policy to allow you to build up a cash reserve on a tax sheltered basis and enjoy a tax preferred income stream from the plan.When you decide to supplement your retirement income, you simply collaterally assign your tax exempt whole life or universal life insurance policy to your provider. Based on the security provided by the tax sheltered investment build up of your life insurance policy, you can receive loan advances that are not considered to be taxable income. At your death, your lending institution receives the death benefit proceeds to cancel your accumulated loan and interest – and any excess amount goes to your beneficiaries tax-free!

    You May Need An Insured Retirement Plan If You Are:

    • Are already maximizing your RRSPs
    • Need to set aside additional funds for retirement
    • Are looking for a tax effective vehicle in which to accumulate funds and draw an income while minimizing the “clawback” of government benefits such as Old Age Security
    • Have an extra income or capital
    • Are in good health

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