In 2013, I founded Blue SWAN Financial,
with the mission to help my clients to ‘Sleep Well At Night’

My journey to becoming an insurance broker began in the furniture industry in February 1990. Our family owned Queen City Bedding and we manufactured mattresses under the name ‘Restonic Mattresses’. We sold mattresses to Sears, Leons, The Bay, and hundreds of independent retailers across the province of Ontario for sixty years until we closed shop in 1996.

Once I realized the industry was more concerned with turning a profit than providing customers with a good night’s sleep, I knew it was time to embark on a new mission. Taking the lessons I had learned in over twenty years of my career in manufacturing, I now exercise my financial expertise as an insurance broker dedicated to my clients, knowing that they deserve to ‘Sleep Well At Night.’

  • 300 Industry earned credits 2013-2019
  • LLQP License 2013 – 2019
  • MFA-PL2 2019
  • BNI Leadership Committee 2013-2014

  • Three time winner ‘Economic Grower Challenge’ London Life 2013-2014
  • Distinguished Toastmaster 2012
  • Bachelor of Arts 1990


The greatest asset I have is my family.

The greatest asset I have is my family, which is why, as an insurance broker, I not only know the importance of having protection for everyone in the Madonik household, but for every family.

Legacy Challenge


I am a proud contributing member
of Toastmasters international

I am passionate and heavily involved in a non-for-profit organization called
Toastmasters that focuses on developing communication
and leadership skills. I have had the good fortune of quality mentors
to help me reach the highest award of Distinguished Toastmaster.
Now, I give back by serving the District in the GTA in a number of leadership capacities.

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